SowHope President & CEO

Mary Dailey Brown is the Co-Founder, President, and CEO of SowHope.Org. Over the past 35 years, Mary has visited and traveled to over 60 countries and been involved personally and vocationally with the poor.  She is fluent in Spanish, having lived in Spain for nearly four years. She has led over 100 volunteer teams to 30 countries.

Mary earned a BA from Southern Illinois University with majors in Photography and Psychology.  She completed a Master’s of Public Administration (MPA) in Nonprofit Management and Leadership at Grand Valley State University, where she is now an adjunct professor.

Mary worked at the White House as a staff photographer serving presidents Carter and Reagan.  She owned a professional freelance photography business in the north suburbs of Chicago for 10 years.

Mary served as the founding Executive Director of Love Inc (formerly, the US branch of World Vision) of Lake County, IL.  She was the Director of Missions at Bella Vista Church in Rockford, MI for eight years, and it was during that time that she traveled to many third world countries and developed the vision to start SowHope.

Mary has been married to Doug Brown, SowHope’s other Co-Founder, since 1981. They have two adult sons, John & Alex.  |  616-433-1575

Working Teams

Administrative Team

Building accountability measures and systems to ensure that organizational efficiency
related to goals, steps and tasks are completed effectively.

Amy Lindholm (Administrative Director) began working for SowHope in June of 2015 after volunteering on SowHope’s Program Team and serving as the team leader. Amy has her masters of Public Administration from Grand Valley State University and her bachelors from Kalamazoo College, and she previously worked in case management for Kent County, Michigan. Amy loves to travel, learn languages, and give back to her community, and she currently volunteers as an after-school tutor for students attending Grand Rapids Public Schools.  |  616-433-1575

Stephanie Stanfield (Intern) is pursuing a masters in Social Work from Michigan State University. She is focusing on field application of social work principles at the macro level.

Finance Team

Processing and recording income and expenses for SowHopeand fulfilling government financial requirements and forms.

David Crawford
(Team Leader)

Alfred Longtin
(Board Treasurer)

Sylivia Juta
(Projects Director)

Marlene Brannon

David Kelson
(Board Vice Chair)

Benjamin Borisch

Fund Development Team

Identifying appropriate funding sources, implementing an action plan to reach those sources and mobilizing the board and others to solicit sufficient donations for SowHope to operate effectively.

Carol Washburn
(Team leader, Board member)

Katie Kirouac
(Board member)

Alicia Longtin

Ndeye Rokhaya Ndao
(Board Secretary)

Sarah Reamon

Genevieve Sabala
(Board member)

Human Resources Team

Developing policy and encouraging best practice to ensure effective management of human resources.Human resources include: employees, volunteers, and board members.

Jessica Swanberg
(Team leader)

Diane Joppie
(Board member)

Aaron Hoxworth
(Board member)

Sarah McNamara

Program Team

Fostering partnerships in the developing world, processing project applications, determining and recommending project funding, and evaluating projects.

Sylivia Juta (Projects Director) holds a doctorate in Public Administration from Western Michigan University and a masters in Public Administration from Grand Valley State University. She is Office Manager for Gabriel Financial Services, LLC, and a member of the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce and Toastmasters. Sylivia is happily married to Papa Njai, a professor at Muskegon Community College. She enjoys reading, knitting, running marathons, and playing tennis and volleyball.

Amy Lindholm
(Administrative Director)

Beth Leeson
(Board Chairperson)

Ruth Posthumus

Doreen Mangrum

Marge Faber

Jan Reed-Smith

Genevieve Sabala
(Board member)

Rachel Campbell

Judy Kruger
(Board member)

Public Relations/Marketing Team

Identifying appropriate marketing opportunities and expanding awareness of SowHope
through events, website, newsletter, social media, etc.

Katelyn Brown
(Team leader, Regional Representative – Rocky Mountain Region)

Annie Kendra

Laura Lynn Demetrious

Jonathan Williams

Sarah Reamon

Doug Brown

Alfred Longtin
(Board Treasurer)

Aaron Hoxworth
(Board member)

Regional Representatives

As SowHope grows, we are seeking to spread the word to new regions in order to enhance our capacity to support more projects benefiting women in developing nations. We have recently started a ‘Regional Representative’ position with our first two Regional Reps based out of South Carolina and Colorado.

<strong>Katelyn Brown<br /></strong>

Katelyn Brown

Regional Representative, Rocky Mountain Region

Katelyn serves as SowHope's Marketing Team leader and is inspired by hearing stories from SowHope project visits. If you are located in her region, Katelyn would love to get in contact with you. Fun fact: Katelyn started writing a travel blog after studying in Spain (

<strong>Robin Patt<br /></strong>

Robin Patt

Regional Representative, Southeast Region

Robin has been a long-time supporter and friend of SowHope. This new role is a natural transition. If you are located in her region, Robin would love to get in contact with you. Fun fact: Robin is an avid sewer and crafter. She loves to make personal gifts for family and friends.

We are always looking for talented professionals to volunteer their expertise on our working teams. Visit our volunteer page for more information.