SowHope’s Rebranding Story:
We Sow Hope… and Hope is Growing!

Written by Katelyn Brown

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10 years, 15 countries, and over 59,000 women.

We at SowHope are so pleased to announce and reveal our new look after helping empower women over the past decade. For the past ten years, we have planted the seeds to sow hope into the lives of over 59,000 women. These women’s lives are directly impacted, which then spreads change to their children, communities, and nations. We felt that a simple, clear, and memorable logo would express the growth that we see happening through our local leaders’ projects around the world. Our vision has not changed and will not change; we want a world where women can access opportunities which allow them to be inspired, pursue their dreams, and achieve their potential. SowHope is ready to impact more lives and inspire more women than ever before, and our new logo will help us accomplish this!

What was the thought process behind the new design?

As SowHope continues to grow and change lives, we felt that it was time to develop a brand design that complemented that growth. We heard input from various stakeholders over several months and feel confident that this simple, clean design is timeless and can be utilized cross-culturally. We decided to maintain colors from our last logo but find a simpler design that would look great on our photos, website, and print materials without the limitation of requiring a white background. You’ll also notice that “hope” is bolder than “sow” to help with the pronunciation of our name. By keeping the purple from our previous color scheme and pairing it with a fresh green, we feel that we are retaining our roots while revitalizing with a color that symbolizes growth and new-ness. The “o” in hope represents a seed where new life is rising up and spreading its hope for all to see. These factors serve to help us remember our motto: “Where there is despair, let me sow hope” (Francis of Assisi). What does this new logo mean to you?

What’s different about the website?

Our thought process is that by giving you a more user-friendly and sleek website, we can keep you updated on all the different happenings at SowHope, including news on how our projects are transforming lives. You’ll see more media and videos, and new specific campaign initiatives where you can follow the giving progress right along with us. Be sure to check our blog for regular updates as well!

I love the new design – how can I help?

Spread the word! SowHope wouldn’t be possible without the continued support of our donors, volunteers, employees, and leaders in our communities and abroad, so thank you! Feel free to download our new logo & share our great news with your friends and family through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, e-mail or word of mouth.

From everyone at SowHope – thank you!

We are so fortunate to have so many people invested in changing the lives of women living in extreme poverty by providing wellness, education, and economic opportunities. We are excited to see how our work has changed lives the past ten years, and we are eager to see what the future holds! Be sure to RSVP to our 10 year anniversary party on May 15th at 2:00pm – visit our home page at and scroll to “Upcoming Events” at the bottom of the page. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!
What are some of your favorite stories from SowHope’s past ten years?

Written by Katelyn Brown

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  • Noel A. Long says:

    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU — Your growth over these 10 yrs has been awesome to observe and I applaud ALL that you do for women. It will play forward for sure and grow beyond your expectations because of your sincerity and passion for this endeavor. You are making a mark – I’m so proud of you !!

    May God continue to bless this work.


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