SowHope’s Rebranding Story – Spring 2016 Newsletter

SowHope's rebranding transition

SowHope was founded on January 30th, 2006. For the past ten years, we have planted the seeds to sow hope into the lives of over 59,000 women. We are pleased to announce and reveal our new look after helping empower women over the past decade. We felt that a simple, clear, and memorable logo would express the growth that we see happening through our local leaders’ projects around the world. Our logo has changed, but our vision remained the same; we want a world where women can access opportunities which allow them to be inspired, pursue their dreams, and achieve their potential.

As SowHope continues to grow and change lives, we felt that it was time to develop a brand design that complemented growth. We heard input from various stakeholders over several months and feel confident that this simple, clean design is classic and can be utilized cross-culturally. We decided to create a simpler design that would look great on our photos, website, and printed materials. You’ll also notice that “hope” is bolder than “sow” to help with the pronunciation of our name. The “o” in hope represents a seed where new life is rising up and spreading its hope for all to see.

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