11 Reasons to Sow Hope for Women

At SowHope, we focus on supporting women through wellness, education, and economic opportunities. Since 2006, SowHope President Mary Dailey Brown and her staff have traveled to 16 developing countries to empower local leaders to help women in their community. Throughout these travels, we have found eleven common barriers that prevent women from pursuing their dreams and achieving their potential.

Microfinance women listening.

These Bangladeshi women listen thoughtfully to the training provided by the “motivator” of their micro finance cooperative. Photo by Mary Dailey Brown.

  1. High rate of maternity mortality during child birth
  2. Lack of access to health care for HIV/AIDS victims
  3. Lack of education on and counseling for abuse, rape, and sex trafficking victims
  4. High rate of rape, especially in areas of conflict, and lack of accountability against sexual violence perpetrators
  5. Ostracization from their family and community after being raped or contracting HIV/AIDS from their husband
  6. High rate of illiteracy
  7. Lack of access to basic education – generally, there are no free public schools like we have in the U.S.
  8. Local traditions that treat women as property rather than partners in a relationship
  9. Lack of rule of law to enforce protection of human rights
  10. Lack of access to loans
  11. Lack of training on the principles of money management

For the next eleven years and beyond, we will continue partnering with local leaders to help them break down these barriers. Our vision is a world where women are free to access opportunities which allow them to be inspired, pursue their dreams, and achieve their potential.

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