Quality Maternal Healthcare – Spring 2017 Newsletter

We have seen many great successes in Uganda across all of SowHope’s program areas: wellness, education, and economic opportunities. Catherine is one woman who was extremely successful with several different small businesses. She learned midwifery from her grandmother and used one of her microloans to build a birthing room next to her house. She is the only maternal caregiver within several miles, and most women must travel on foot. Catherine’s delivery room has been busy – she delivers three to five babies per week!

Uganda maternity clinic.

The completed maternity clinic.

As the village grew, Catherine recognized a need for a bigger and better birthing center. She donated a plot of land adjacent to the village’s main road and requested SowHope’s assistance with construction of the building and furnishing with the necessary medical equipment.

A dedication ceremony for the completed clinic was held during a SowHope team visit. While the crowd celebrated with songs, speeches, and ribbon cutting, Catherine was called away to tend to a mother in a field. Later, the tour of the facility was interrupted by a commotion at the door. To everyone’s surprise Catherine entered with a healthy newborn baby and a proud mother following.

Midwife Catherine with baby.

A baby is delivered by midwife Catherine during the dedication ceremony.

The Ugandan government has now fixed the road to the clinic. However, the government is also requiring a certified professional to run the clinic. Catherine has not had the opportunity to earn the proper certification, but she has always invested in her daughter Grace’s education. Grace will soon be completing her nurse’s training with plans to manage the clinic. Until then the village women’s group will hire a credentialed midwife to run the clinic. Project facilitators Isaac and Sepiranza will continue to assist in ensuring that the clinic functions sustainably and contributes to the area’s ongoing development.

It Starts With One…

Change within a community starts with just one woman like Babati or Catherine, featured in this newsletter edition. You can start that change by donating $30 per woman for her first microloan!

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