$35,000 Matching Gift - Double Your Donation Here!

Dear Donor,

After our recent successful “Rise Up” virtual Gala event, SowHope received an outpouring of support, including a handful of donors who have offered matching funds for the two partners who were featured in our online event. If you missed it, you can watch it on our website, www.sowhope.org. Now is the opportunity to have your donations doubled, dollar for dollar, for the following two projects or where most needed.

Burkina Faso – Dr. Itengré

SowHope has funded dozens of fistula repair surgeries in addition to income-generating activities for poor women in Burkina Faso. During our last visit, Dr. Itengré described his dream to build a hospital dedicated to fistula repair. The hospital will cost $1 million, and, in time, we hope to help him fund that. Temporarily, in order to fill the need for a dedicated facility, we funded the renovation of a two-story house that will be used as a surgical and recovery clinic solely for fistula patients.  We hope to collaborate with Project C.U.R.E to procure and ship necessary medical supplies and equipment to stock the clinic for effective operation. Please help us support Dr. Itengré, so he can perform life-changing fistula repair surgeries every week. We are raising $30,000 needed to transport the equipment to the facility in Burkina Faso. We have $15,000 from donors that can be matched for this project.

India – Dr. Kamala

In the last two years, Dr. Kamala’s organization in India trained 163 women in tailoring through SowHope funding. This training, along with the subsidized machine, empowers impoverished women to become financially self-sustained and to work from home, providing needed resources and time for their families. Dr. Kamala has a vision to expand this training to many more communities to make an even greater impact around India. The cost is about $200 per woman and we would like to commit to funding another 100 women in the next year at a cost of $20,000. SowHope donors will match up to $10,000 for this project.

Where Most Needed

SowHope is committed to funding another 24 projects that cover areas such as birthing centers, women’s health, group farming, literacy, microloans, and more. These projects serve to help impoverished women rise up from difficult situations into more productive and dignified lives. Matching donors are ready to match up to $10,000 for these projects. Please consider being a part of funding these projects, where your impact can be doubled. Use the provided response card to choose to support:

1. Medical Equipment for Dr. Itengré’s Surgical Clinic

2. Dr. Kamala’s Tailoring Training

3. Where Most Needed

Once the projects are funded, any remaining funds will go to where they are most needed. Thank you and don’t forget to Rise Up!

Mary Dailey Brown
President/CEO of SowHope

$35,000 Matching Gift - Double Your Donation Here!