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Isaac, SowHope partner for over 10 years

Meet Isaac, a SowHope partner for over 10 years, who has led dozens of projects for women, including literacy classes, microloans and small business training, farming, and the building and managing of a maternal health clinic. He has helped lead projects that have empowered over 7,000 women in Uganda.

Bassem, SowHope partner for over 10 years

Meet Bassem of Egypt who has also served as a SowHope partner for over 10 years mainly in the areas of Vocational Training and the Vulnerable Women Project that gives hope to women who have been trafficked and abused. His organization has helped thousands of women. Bassem is an incredible visionary that leads one of the largest partner organizations that SowHope works with.

Victor at the UN

Meet Victor, a 9-year SowHope partner, who has dedicated his life to advocate for women’s rights, especially those in the Democratic Republic of the Congo who are survivors of sexual violence and war. Through his work and advocacy, he has helped many people suffering from violence, including rescuing over 200 children soldiers and empowering almost 1,500 women through SowHope projects by giving them vocational training and psychological health services. Victor is active at the UN advocating for women and has made several speeches regarding the effects of small weapons and armed violence against women.