25 Countries • 134,726 Women • 18 Years

Our Mission

To inspire women around the world by providing wellness, education, and economic opportunities.

SowHope is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt, non-profit, international, charitable organization. 

Why Donate?

You're Saving Lives

You’re saving lives. In some of the areas that SowHope serves, 1 out of every 90 mothers dies during childbirth. Through the construction of new birthing centers, SowHope works to provide safe access to maternal healthcare. The US maternal mortality rate is 1 out of every 3,040.

You're Changing Lives

Women make up two-thirds of the illiterate population in the world. SowHope has provided almost 10,000 women with literacy classes that teach women to read, write, and do math – opening the door to business, public influence, personal growth, and freedom.

You're Empowering Women

Eighty percent of the world’s farmers are women. If women had the same access to resources as men, they could lift 100-150 million people out of hunger. Through microfinance, SowHope is empowering women farmers to have long-lasting and positive community impact.

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