SowHope inspires women around the world through
Wellness, Education, and Economic programs


The Wellness program includes supporting women through physical and emotional projects such as: clean water projects; AIDS care and prevention; women’s maternal/healthcare; prevention of abuse, rape, and sex trafficking; counseling and recovery centers for victims of gender-related abuse issues.

  • Agriculture Project (South Sudan)
  • Birth Center Project (Haiti)
  • Vulnerable Women Project (North Africa)
  • Transitional Care Centre (South Asia)

Ongoing Wellness Programs

Agriculture Project (South Sudan)

One Women’s association has undertaken a project for Women and Children Empowerment by providing training 50 women households in agricultural practices to reduce poverty and hunger. The project consists of training women in farming practices and cooperative group savings. They hope to increase success in the women’s businesses as well as understand good leadership skills, and to practice those leadership skills.
Total project cost: $5,313 

Birth Center Project (Haiti)

Our partner in Haiti has undertaken an over $400,000 project to build a birthing center to serve the rural community. While this project is underway, the partner has built and a training center and begun her own midwifery practice while training women and youth on health and wellness topics. SowHope helped fund necessary medical tools needed to continue the midwifery practice in the training center and in preparation for the completion of the birthing center. The tools will be used to assist the birth of 50-100 women over the next year.

Total project cost: $2,000

Vulnerable Women Project (North Africa)

Our partner in North Africa runs a women’s shelter for abused women and women in or at-risk of trafficking. The goals of the project are to rescue, heal, and rehabilitate the women back into society. The project consists of preparing the shelter for women, training supervisors, offering vocational training and psychological healing, community-based rehabilitation, and reintegration.

Total project cost: $5,617

Transitional Care Centre (South Asia)

Our partner in South Asia is facilitating the safe and sustainable reintegration of abused women in traumatic and dangerous situations, and their families, into new communities through providing measured support, enabling movement to self-reliance and independence. This project consists of facilitating set-up, monitoring independent living indicators, establishing economic independence for the household through support and market-orientated, and establishing new action plans as necessary.

Total project cost: $5,000


The Educational program includes: basic literacy classes; vocational, and technical training.

  • Women’s Farming Cooperative (Nigeria)
  • Empowerment through Vocational Training (Upper Egypt)
  • Five Women Empowerment Projects (Nigeria)
  • House of Ruth Education Center (Jordan)

Ongoing Education Programs

Women’s Farming Cooperative (Nigeria)
A women’s association has begun an agricultural project intended to provide farming education and opportunities to over 500 women in the local area. The project consists of buying, maintaining, and using a tractor to greatly increase farming efficiency. Many farming inputs, including seeds and tools, have been provided to SowHope.
Total project cost: $14,000

Empowerment through Vocational Training (Upper Egypt)
This year and a half-long project is intended to train 55+ women in sustainable vocations including sewing, hairdressing, theoretical and practical training, discussing on social development, and personal counseling. This is to equip them to face the conditions of life and to influence their communities as agents of change. 
Total project cost: $10,315

Five Women Empowerment Projects (Nigeria)
One Women’s Association has undertaken several community projects intended to educate women on various vocations, including sewing and farming. One of these projects is also teaching women literacy. These projects are intended to inspire more than 150 women over one year.
Total project cost: $2,100

House of Ruth Education Center (Jordan)
Our partner in Jordan is identifying and transforming the lives of impoverished women within the Jordanian and refugee community by training in leadership, language, and vocational skills. The project consists of the development and execution of English language training and the training up of new women leaders to contribute to the education, as well as having the opportunity to participate in mosaic and sewing training. 
Total project cost: $10,000


The Economic program supports: micro economic loans; small business training.

  • Three in One Agropastoral & Health Project (DRC)
  • Five Women Empowerment Projects (Nigeria)
  • Microfinance Training (Kenya)

Ongoing Economic Programs

Three in One Agropastoral & Health Project (DRC)
In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), one women’s association aims to alleviate poverty and promote human rights among and self-esteem into vulnerable women. The project consists of providing to women agricultural training and supplies, pastoral animal care, training and supplies, and meeting medical needs through women’s health training.
Total project cost $18,824

Five Women Empowerment Projects (Nigeria)
Women’s associations in two local communities have begun economic projects consisting of small business training and money saving techniques, baking, bag-making, and sewing training, and microfinance training, as well as how to buy and sell for profit. These projects have a goal of helping almost 350 women over the next year.
Total project cost $2,700

Microfinance Training (Kenya)
Our partner in Kenya is preparing to lead a leadership and microfinance training to be a platform for women to exercise leadership skills and start projects that they themselves will manage, changing culture structures rather than getting caught into a repeated remarriage cycle. The project intends to help up to 1,500 women in the next two years.
Total project cost $23,398

Where we have funded projects: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Benin, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Haiti, India, Jordan, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, South Sudan, Thailand, Uganda, & Zambia

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