SowHope inspires women around the world through Wellness, Education, and Economic programs. SowHope achieves its goals through forming strategic partnerships with local leaders using local solutions to solve local problems. These leaders have an established reputation for helping women. SowHope collaborates with our partners by funding measurable, time-limited, and outcome-based projects that match SowHope’s three program areas.


The Wellness program includes, but is not limited to, supporting women through physical and emotional projects such as: maternal healthcare; prevention of abuse, rape, and sex trafficking; counseling and recovery centers for victims of gender-related abuse issues; HIV/AIDS care and prevention; and clean water projects.

Some of our projects that are currently underway or will be underway soon. Click the dropdown below for more details.

  • Uganda – Improvements to Labor of Love Maternity Home
  • South Sudan – Catarach & Trachoma Surgery Project (2020-2021)
  • Burkina Faso – Obstetric Fistula Repair Surgery Project & Clinic Construction (2020-2021)
  • Stimulus well-being projects for women in DRC, India, Kenya, South Sudan, and Bangladesh

Ongoing Wellness Programs

Improvements to Labor of Love Maternity Clinic (Uganda)

Our partner is making continuous improvements to the rural Maternity Home which will provide security and privacy for the women, enhance hygiene, sanitation, and working conditions, upgrade quality of care, and supply amenities for disabled persons. This maternity home serves 1000 women in the surrounding rural area.

Total project cost: $13,703

Cataract & Trachoma Surgery Project (South Sudan)

In December 2020, contingent on the state of the COVID-19 pandemic, our partner in South Sudan will hold a two-week clinic to give 300 women back their sight. Women suffering blindness from eye disease, including cataracts and trachoma, will receive life-changing surgery and medication to restore their sight and independence. The project costs will also provide needed surgical equipment that will last far beyond this eye clinic. This equipment has been generously donated.

Total project cost: $13,000 + $8,890 for surgical equipment

Obstetric Fistula Repair Surgery & Clinic Construction Project (Burkina Faso)

Our partner in Burkina Faso has dedicated his life’s work to performing obstetric fistula repair surgeries for impoverished women in his home state of Burkina Faso. This project provides life-transforming surgeries for women who have become social outcasts due to the foul smell that results from the condition. This project combines post-operation follow-up and vocational skills training to assist the woman in transitioning back into her community.

Aiming for completion by the end of 2020, the construction of the clinic aims to provide a space for these women to have privacy and unhindered access to the life-transforming surgeries. 300 women are estimated to benefit by the end of 2022. 

Twenty-four women will benefit from this project and our partner wants to continue to provide more surgeries for women.

Total project cost: $500 per surgery. $31,126 for clinic construction.

Stimulus wellbeing projects for women in several communities

In response to the need created by COVID-19, SowHope is supplying special, one-time stimulus grants to current partners in several communities that SowHope serves. These grants will provide women with necessary funds, supplies, and/or food which will allow them to continue to feed their families, sustain their jobs and use the skills they learned through education projects, and keep their small businesses and microfinance groups afloat. These small projects combined will provide assistance for 500 women.

Total project cost: $5,500


The Education program includes, but is not limited to: basic literacy classes, vocational training, and technical training.

Some of our projects that are currently underway or will be underway soon. Click the dropdown below for more details.

  • Egypt – Vocational Training
  • Sierra Leone – Tailoring and Catering Training
  • Nigeria – Fourteen Women Empowerment Projects

Ongoing Education Programs

Vocational Training (Egypt)
Our partner in Egypt is providing 60 women extensive training in their choice of sewing or hairdressing. This project includes psychological and social development through twice-daily discussions on health and social issues, creativity exercises, and counseling. All of the women, who are from vulnerable populations, will learn skills to help them earn a living, gaining self-confidence and becoming happy in the work they do.

Total project cost: $10,712

Tailoring and Catering Training (Sierra Leone)
In response to the idleness of the community and oppression of women in the workforce, our partner has created a project to allow women to work for themselves through tailoring or catering training. This project provides basic tailoring and cooking training to 25 women so that they are able to afford food for their families, school fees and uniforms for their children, and improve dignity and self-worth.

Total project cost: $2,970

Fourteen Women Empowerment Projects (Nigeria)
One women’s association has undertaken several community projects to educate women by teaching literacy and offering vocational training, including sewing, poultry farming, baking, leatherworking, computer literacy, hairdressing, and soapmaking. These projects aim to inspire more than 200 women over one year.

Total project cost: $5,800


The Economic program includes, but is not limited to: micro-economic loans and small business training.

Some of our projects that are currently underway or will be underway soon. Click the dropdown below for more details.

  • Nepal – Face Mask Production Project
  • Nigeria – Eleven Women Empowerment Projects
  • Sierra Leone – Microfinance Training for Vulnerable Women
  • Kenya – Microfinance Training and Transformational Development

Ongoing Economic Programs

Face Mask Production Project (Nepal)
In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, face masks are an essential item for many in East Asia due to massive pollution. Our partner aims to produce 50,000 face masks while employing 40 of the most vulnerable and impoverished women. The plan is to continue to reinvest the profits made to promote a sustainable business. 

Total project cost $2,500

Eleven Women Empowerment Projects (Nigeria)
Several local leaders have begun ecomonic projects consisting of small business training, money-saving techniques, and microfinance training. The associations also teach women how to buy and sell goods for profit; while teaching them baking, farming, and sewing techniques. These projects anticipate helping almost 200 women over the next year.

Total project cost $4,200

Microfinance Training for Vulnerable Women (Sierra Leone)
Over 2 years, our partner aims to provide 75 widows (who all have children), with small business training, microloans, and savings accountability groups to promote economic success and sustainability. Most of the women work or consistently injured in their work of stone cutting, a dangerous job that does not pay enough to pay for their children’s school fees.

Total project cost $3,300

Microfinance Training and Transformational Development (Kenya)
Our partner in Kenya is preparing a leadership and microfinance training course to help women become more self-sufficient and start projects that they themselves will manage. The project hopes to change current social structures and prevent women from getting caught into repeated remarriage cycles by teaching them marketable skills to create an income. The project intends to help up to 224 women over the next year.

Total project cost $20,000

A SowHope Project in Africa

Where we have funded projects: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, India, Jordan, Kenya, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Nepal, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Thailand, Uganda, & Zambia