Meet Josephine

Josephine is a grassroots super-partner in Kenya who has impacted almost 19,000 women through her partnership with SowHope. She is an exemplary leader who has facilitated numerous microfinace and transformational development opportunities in several villages in Kenya. Her work and commitment to empowering marginalized women through education and economic opportunities has improved of women’s lives economically, socially, and intellectually.

Josephine’s projects are held in severely impoverished areas, where she reports many women are malnourished, living on lentils and cornmeal mush. Many women are idle because the culture does not recommend women to work, except to give birth, and often girls as young as twelve are married. Because Josephine, a gifted and wise Kenyan, knows her culture and the societal norms very well, she is able to empower women with transformational development principles that greatly advance the role of women in the communities. Amazingly, because of her humble yet authoritative teaching style, the enlightened local chiefs and men in leadership who attend her conferences also happily embrace the principles. This has proven to cause a positive culture shift in the way women are treated when they return to their villages.