SowHope’s 3rd Birthday – SowHope Continues to Care for the Most Needy Women of the World

WESTERN MICHIGAN AND BEYOND – It hardly went noticed in the hustle and bustle of activities that surround the international nonprofit charitable organization SowHope, but the growing organization celebrated its third birthday last Saturday, January 30th.

A fast-growing international organization started by women for women in 2006, it is dedicated to inspiring and supporting women around the world through wellness, education, and economic opportunities. The organization “method of operation” is unique and really works. SowHope is
one of the only international organizations specifically focused on addressing the basic needs of women internationally by partnering with local leaders, using local solutions to solve local problems. These leaders already have the reputation for helping women. SowHope collaborates with their partners by funding measurable, time-limited, and outcome-based projects that match SowHope’s three program areas.

“It has been amazing to realize our dream of helping women in the Third World ”, shares SowHope’s President and founder, Mary Dailey Brown. “During of first three years, we have had the privilege of impacting over 6000 women through AIDS care and prevention, literacy classes, and microloans.”

Dr. Diana Sharp, Associate Vice President, Harper College , Batavia , IL , says she became involved “because Mary asked her” and is now president of the SowHope Board.  Having known Mary for 30-plus years, she said from the beginning SowHope’s mission was very compelling, and she believed in the cause of helping the most oppressed women of the world, facilitated locally by those working side- by-side with these women.

“However, I stayed involved with SowHope”, stated Dr. Sharp, “Because I continue to be impressed with the documented progress of the women in our programs and to be in awe when I hear about the progress continuing to be made and the care and concern that goes into decision making and goal setting for our organization.”

Ainur Nutai, Khazikstan GVSU International MPA student and SowHope Board Member agrees. Graduating this Spring, Ainur will be going back to her county, but will stay involved in SowHope.  

“I have seen the needs of women first hand”, says Ainur, “And I want to continue to do my part to support this local thinking and global acting organization”.

The Honorable State Representative Tom Pearce is another SowHope Board member with strong convictions to the SowHope mission. “It has been exciting to see the impact that this new International Organization is already having around the world”, shared Pearce. “The purpose and mission of SowHope is desperately needed in so many places and I pray regularly for its growth and continued success.”

Brown explains that the wellness, educational, and economic programs of SowHope are basic to meeting the most pressing needs of women in the developing world. SowHope seeks to form alliances with like-minded providers to match funds and share responsibility for projects that provide promise for women all over the world.

“Together we can sow the seeds of hope … for when women – who are the primary caregivers – are cared for, everyone benefits.”