A week for thankfulness!

This is the week to be thankful, although I believe it is good to be thankful every day. 

Monday marked nine years since my mom, Jennie Evangelisti Dailey, died.  Just thinking of her continues to inspire me. She was a person who lived a life of unconditional love and service.  She was a tremendous example to witness day in and day out.  What a gift to grow up with the knowledge that you were always accepted, no matter what. What a hero! 

I see these same powerful elements in so many of the local leaders that we partner with around the world.  Women and men who sacrifice their wealth to show others they have value.  They are the ones: who speak up for what is right, when it would be easier to stay quiet; who stand up when everyone else cowers; who don’t demand more of others than they are willing to do themselves; who sacrifice their comfort, so others can live.  These are the true heros in the world and I am thankful for them and thankful to know them. 

Who was the 7 billionth person in the world?

What is so special about Nargis?  Well, she was named the 7 billionth person in the world a few weeks ago, when it was estimated that we hit that milestone number in our global population.  While no one knows exactly who it was, the government of India, which holds one-sixth of the world’s population, pointed […]