It is always good to hear how people around the world use their resources to improve their lives.  I recently visited a country, south of our border, and passed a guy selling cigars on a crowded street corner.  I then overheard his witty sales pitch to a woman behind me.

Salesman: “Buy my cigars, Ma’am?”

Lady (clearly annoyed by the many sales hawkers all around her):  “No thanks, I don’t smoke.”

Salesman: “Then buy some cigars for your friends.”

Lady:  “I don’t have any friends.”

Salesman:  “Then buy some cigars for your co-workers.”

Lady:  “I don’t like my co-workers, so why would I buy them anything?”

Salesman:  “Then buy them some cigars, their lives will end sooner!”

I don’t know if he actually made the sale, but, besides being very funny, I was impressed with his tenacity to find and eventually present a plausible need for his unseemly product to a potential (and mildly hostile) client. His working conditions were not easy.  He was standing in the hot sun all day, a box of cigars strapped around both shoulders making a portable display table at his stomach; all in a very chaotic and competitive sales environment.  Yet, he was able to maintain a good attitude and even bring a smile to those around him.  Too bad he wasn’t selling chocolate.  My friends and co-workers would have loved me to buy them some of that!

Source: Sow Hope