Thailand: Mina (r) and her apprentice selling pesto and peanut butter

Just last month, SowHope forged a new partnership with a non-profit organization based in Thailand that provides leadership and business training for women who are either victims of human trafficking, refugees, or have been displaced. 

This project includes personal counseling, theoretical and practical business training. SowHope awarded a grant to our partner to support women from Cambodia, Eritrea, Nepal, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Uganda, and Uzbekistan. Each woman agrees to participate in service and work placement, educational and personal development, and community outreach.

During the intensive training, the women are learning basic job skills and experience a service opportunity. They attend classes that focus on personal development, join a therapeutic support group, and do research to find resources to assist them in the future. Many of them suffer from low self-esteem and identity crises due to being trafficked or displaced.

This SowHope funded educational project helps them to learn identity formation and to develop a strong personal narrative. They attend basic business classes that include management and presentation skills. More importantly, they have the opportunity to apply what they learn by working alongside other business women. One such business woman is Mina, a successful entrepreneur producing, as she describes it, “The best peanut butter and pesto in the world!” A former refugee herself, she supervises them in every aspect of the business, so that they have a real-life business experience.

For their final project, the women are required to write a proposal to establish a business or community outreach program in their newly adopted or home countries. The training will be completed at the end of this year.

Our experience is that this kind of project will completely change the course of women’s lives for the better. You make it possible!