Board Member, Lauren Spangler

SowHope Board Member, Lauren Spangler, first learned about SowHope’s work at a gathering with friends in 2018: “I was particularly inspired by SowHope’s mission and vision, which center around the empowerment of local leaders to solve local problems.” Not long after, Lauren joined the Board of Directors and the Fund Development and Marketing teams in […]

Emergency Support for Bangladesh

The Tea Garden areas of Bangladesh are some of the poorest regions in the country where local people obtain day labor jobs at about $1/ day. When COVID-19 hit, the tea companies banned outsiders from coming in and stopped hiring local people to work. This situation has caused an immediate economic crisis where people cannot […]

Working From Home in Nigeria

“I try to think of what I can sell as a young lady. Not getting even a little income of my own worries me sometimes. But through this (SowHope funded) project, I got ideas on how to produce and run my own business, by myself.” – Gloria. Rural Nigeria is a difficult place to be […]