SowHope Star Volunteer, Priscilla Wilson

When Priscilla Wilson met Mary Dailey Brown at a church in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), she never imaged that one day she would live right down the street from the SowHope office in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “I was working as the children’s director at a church in Abu Dhabi in 2012 when a woman […]

Volunteers, Sarah Massirio & Wesley Krug

“It was an easy choice” to begin volunteering for SowHope, said Sarah Massirio & Wesley Krug, regular SowHope volunteers since 2018. “Aaron Hoxworth (SowHope’s Administrative Director) was discussing SowHope with mutual friends back in 2018, and Sarah was interested in helping in any way possible”, the personal connection helping spark the volunteerism. Three years later, […]

International Women’s Day 2020

SowHope celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8 by offering a public screening Disney’s Queen of Katwe. Although it was a beautiful spring day – the sunniest and warmest to date in Grand Rapids, Michigan – more than 160 people supported women by attending the event. Queen of Katwe is about the struggles a widowed mother […]

Volunteer, Diane Cisler

Diane Cisler believes “we all have an inherent responsibility to make this a better world.” To that end, she volunteers her time to a variety of causes – SowHope being at the top of her list. A self-described “consummate foodie,” Diane has hosted several of SowHope’s Board of Directors’ retreats – opening her home and […]