Opportunity for free learning

It was August 15, 2021, when the Taliban took over Afghanistan. The previous government collapsed, leaving thousands of people without jobs or public services. Many of those who lost their jobs had to leave their homes, becoming Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who could not afford to have their children attend school.

According to Amnesty International, women, except for healthcare workers, are being barred from public life. They cannot return to work or travel in public without being accompanied by a male guardian. When they do go out, they must be completely covered. Girls above 12 are not allowed to go to school.

Currently, we are funding a project that provides safe spaces, which includes free classes and recreational activities, to young girls in areas where low-income families live, such as IDP camps. Children (boys attend, too) can come each day to learn and play. It also keeps them protected from early marriage. Our partner there provides the children with books, shoes, warm winter clothes, and blankets. This project, as you can imagine considering the alternative, is a great relief to their mothers.