Selling Grain in South Sudan

We have reached a point of crisis not experienced in most of our lifetimes. The recent events surrounding racial injustice and anarchy combined with enduring the difficulties associated with COVID-19, have given us a greater measure of empathy with the women we serve around the world. Every day they live with violence, poverty, fear, death, and despair for the future.

SowHope partners around the world are reporting dire circumstances due to the global crises. Infrastructure in the developing world is extremely fragile. Full lockdowns disable already vulnerable supply chains and result in a situation where truly essential items are not moving nor available.

The World Food Program estimates that 265 million people could be pushed to the brink of starvation by the end of 2020, doubling the number of people facing acute hunger.

SowHope almost exclusively focuses our resources on sustainable, holistic projects to help severely impoverished women. We are primarily a developmentorganization; however, for the women we serve, these are desperate times which call for desperate measures. In response to the crisis, for the first time, we sent stimulus funds to several partners to help sustain their current or recent projects.

We continue to fund as many projects as possible, like group farming (using social distancing) in various countries in Africa and sewing projects in India and Bangladesh, benefiting nearly 5,000 women and their families since April.

Your donations are more important than ever.