The conversation flowed, the company familiar.  We bantered back and forth as amicable associates do, first on the news of today, then on our mutual peers.  The air of change began almost imperceptibly, just as the car traveling beside you begins to edge into what you have established to be your comfortable traffic lane.  The conversation snowballed into the entire room in agreement on ideological views that are a vast contradiction of my own.  If there had been even one person in the group with the slightest inclination toward my perspective we could stand together united.  But there was not.

What happens to our comfortable status-quo when we alone stand up against our peers for what we are vehemently opposed?  It is a darkened path to tread, and one that women across the world face every day just to survive.

Women in impoverished countries are treated like second-class citizens.  To merely speak out for themselves bring negative consequence difficult to recover, that is, if their voices are even heard.

SowHope has become the voice for these women, to stand beside them when they stand tall against the faltering wind.  While we travel the road toward our comfortable homes, SowHope travels to far-away places in search of those who have no homes, who have no hope.

When we support SowHope, we stand alongside women who for generations have stood alone.  We have the power to give them a voice.