DRC: Ruth Posthumus, Claudaline, and farmers with their goats


Recently, we received a report from our partner in the Eastern Region of DRC, Democratic Republic of Congo, on the progress of their agricultural project.

In autumn of 2015, a team from SowHope traveled to the DRC to meet with Claudaline, our partner, to evaluate her animal husbandry, farming, and health projects. In the DRC, farming and animal husbandry count for 72 percent of household income, with goats as the animal of choice for 80 percent of farmers. Due to a lack of training in farming methods and access to veterinarians, it is difficult to successfully farm and raise livestock.

Claudaline reported that SowHope’s monetary support has helped her project provide farmers with agriculture equipment for planting and harvesting as well as seeds and land. Thanks to SowHope’s help, the women have purchased more than 180 animals. They have access to veterinarians and agriculturists and information on farming methods. The ability to farm and raise healthy livestock has helped families increase their household income. Furthermore, women are able to send their children to school and can afford maternity necessities.

To date, your contributions to SowHope have benefited more than 17,000 women in the eastern part of the DRC through 34 wellness, education, and economic projects.