We had a coupon for a Mocha Frappe, my daughter’s favorite early morning jolt.   Her tummy was full of bagels and cream cheese and she was on a mission for the Mocha Frappe.  We pulled into the drive-through, her excitement building as we waited our turn to order a drink for her and an extra for her friend.

“I’m sorry.  We are cleaning the machine and the frappe is not available right now.”

My daughter’s face fell, the perfect jump start of the week stalled.  She spouted off a bit about the necessity of cleaning the machine during the busy morning hours.

This is the world we live in.  There are places in the world where full tummies and mocha frappes have no place, but rather a day to day struggle to have enough food  to survive.  

For about $35 per woman, SowHope is providing women the opportunity to feed their  families.  Through microloans, women are able to purchase grain mills, knitting machines, and a dough mixing machine, then sell the product at the market.

Source: Sow Hope