Jyoti, left, has partnered with SowHope since 2020.

In 2021, Jyoti, our partner in Nepal, saw a need for women to understand maternal health. She also noticed the great need for many women who suffered from a prolapsed uterus. She decided that she needed to host a maternal health camp to educate over 300 women about maternal health, while providing opportunities for medicine for health issues and surgery for women suffering from a prolapsed uterus (a slipping or sagging of the uterus from its original position).

Sabrina, a widow for 32 years, has been suffering for decades and can no longer work. Her son is taking care of her, but he could not afford the treatment. After attending the maternal health camp, she she was selected along with 9 other women to receive surgery to correct her prolapsed uterus. After surgery, she wants to find work and help counsel other ladies not to hide their uterus problem so that they too may receive help. There are still hundreds of women from nearby communities that are in need of maternal health education, medicine, counseling, and surgery. Jyoti is committed to continuing to help women in the surrounding communities in Nepal.