“It is hard for us to imagine women living under the conditions they do in Third World countries,” said Diane Joppie. Inspired by Mary Dailey Brown after hearing her tell stories of impoverished women around the world, Diane wanted to know what she could do to make a difference. “We are so blessed to live in the United States,” commented Diane, “I believe sometimes we lose sight of how  fortunate we are.”

Recently elected, Diane serves as the Board Chair of SowHope. She joined the Board of Directors of SowHope two years ago and has been volunteering for the organization for three years. She believes that her biggest strength is as an ambassador for SowHope, spreading the word about what the organization does and educating peers on the importance of the mission of SowHope. “I feel our three programs (Wellness, Education, and Economic Opportunities) make the complete package of what SowHope represents. It is hard to have one without the other two.”

Diane currently serves as the AVP, Branch Manager at Independent Bank in Grand Rapids, MI. She first began her career in banking with an internship at Old Kent Bank and has been involved with money ever since, including a family business for many years. Diane also has a history of volunteering and believes firmly in “giving back.” “I have been so blessed in my life,” Diane explains, “If there is one person that I can make a difference for, I will.” This is why she believes that the work SowHope is doing is so valuable and important. “The results we see at SowHope are so remarkable! We are making a difference each and every day in the lives of so many women.” She would encourage every person to find a way to give back – not only because it’s a growing experience, but because it gives a sense of pride that will stay with you forever.

Those that spend time around Diane believe she is an optimist who is always looking on the bright side of life. She is an open book with a genuine love for people. When we asked Diane if she had any message that she would give to young women around the world, Diane replied, “Women today need to be confident with themselves and realize the opportunities in the world are endless. They need to aim high and reach for the stars; the most important thing to do is never give up hope. Without HOPE, we have nothing!”