Sarah, right front, explains a beads-making project to the women.

Sarah, our partner in Nigeria, has been completing projects from community to community since 2007, cultivating dozens of women leaders and empowering thousands of women. She has sown hope, and that hope continues to grow! In 2022, she plans to oversee 29 small projects to give 672 opportunities in every SowHope program area. These projects will cost $15,200. The need is still great, because there is still many ongoing threats, including domestic terrorism, tribal wars and clashes between differing ethnic groups, growing poverty due to COVID-19, and natural disasters such as droughts and floods. One such terrible situation was described as follows:

“(In one of the communities you visited) the pastor’s wife was kidnapped for 4 months. The family and the church had to pay for her ransom and release, but she suffered greatly. Her husband, the pastor, was then shot and killed last month. She is a member of our group and has five children. She is desperate to learn the sewing skills we teach so that she may provide for her family. We admitted her to the class, but she needs support to pay her tuition and for school fees.”

Sarah reports that, though the need is great and there is danger on every side, the women in these communities are grateful for the support of SowHope and its donors, like you. She says, “God bless you for the well you supported in our community. It is serving over two thousand people. Some are in tears of joy every day. Everyone is behind you, all the way, may God bless you all very much.”