Wall of Honor

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Person of Honor Honored by Comment
Spring Sweet Alisa Shabaz This donation is in honor of Spring Sweet, a friend and supporter of the cause of SowHope. Like the women she champions, Spring is a hard-working entrepreneur who infuses her community with vision, creativity, and opportunity.
Ruth Posthumus Lizbeth Leeson An amazing and committed leader.
Helen Evangelisti Miner Christine Dailey A woman who chose to be happy in the face of adversity. A true inspiration of kindness towards others. She has gone to be with her heavenly brothers and sisters.
Harriet Feyen &
Jean Terpstra
Ruth Posthumus Love & Grace.
Team Betsy Anonymous With much admiration.
Mary Ryzak (Granny) Anonymous
Nellie Tuinstra Ginger Sisson Nellie, my paternal grandmother, was the sweetest, most positive person I have ever known. I strive daily to be more like her – the epitome of grace.
Betsy Verwys Anonymous Go Betsy! We are so proud of you for the progress you have made in running. We are more proud of you for running a race to advocate for women in need through SowHope. Run hard for a great cause!
Bobie Williams Cal & Liv She is the loving matriarch of a very large, crazy, beautiful family. She goes above and beyond for everyone, putting others before herself.
Jennifer Okello Anonymous This woman is a Luo woman in Kenya, serving the Samburu people in the Archer’s Post Area of Northern Kenya. She’s humble, gentle, strong, loving, kind and hospitable. She loves Jesus Christ and shares Him with all she meets.
James Dailey Ann and Roy In memory of one of the most decent human beings we’ve known.
Cornelius (Casey) DeHollander Nick Clegg
David Anderson Lori Anderson In memory of Hannah Anderson’s dad, David Anderson, called home to heaven on 5/18/2015.
Jean Ann Evans Christine Laffey Thank you, mom, for raising me to be caring enough to help others. I learned from the best. I miss you every day.
Bertha Jackson Linda Blough In memory of my mother, Bertha Jackson. 10/3/2015.
Karen Nielsen Christine Dailey & Mike Fohey
Jeannette Detrick Elaine Houle & Connie Hernandez We honor the memory of our sister-in-law and aunt, a woman of quiet strength.



The women below have been honored with a Mother’s Day gift donation for making an impact on the life of others and inspiring women around the world


Woman of Honor Honored by Comment
Arlene N. Conner Clarice M. Yentsch &
Darlene A. Sampley
To honor mother
From daughters
Gemma Gregori Mary Sweet grandma in heaven
Diana Sharp Anonymous Friend, leader, survivor
Rose Marie Brown Doug Brown One of the nicest people I know-My mom!
Sophia Cole Carol my mother, who passed on to me her love of justice
Stacey VandenBosch Carol my daughter, who will pass on a love for justice to her children
Dear Cuz’ Jill & Jen Shane I miss you! Love Shane
Noel Long Annie kind, compassionate, caring, loving, generous, joyful, always giving & serving. My role model & hero. I love you, Mom! Thank you for showing us how to serve with love.
Jean A. Kendra John & Anne Kendra A wonderful example to us of generosity and unconditional love. Blessings to you as you bless others.
Jean Terpstra Ruth Posthumus the strongest and most beautiful woman I know
Rachel Overmyer Carol my daughter, and mother to two girls to whom she will pass on a heart for justice
Ella Leutscher Dean Leutscher
Becky Werdon &
Allison Edema
Sue Edema My sweet girls who are even sweeter moms!
Harriet J. Feyen Marlin Feyen Mother taught us the unconditional Love of God in word, deed and by example.
Kathy Lepro Sara, Paul &
Michael Lepro
Thanks for being such a wonderful role model! Love you!
Dorothy Doza Mary Baude I feel grateful to have her as my mother.
All Moms Jacquelyn Wright On behalf of all moms who do the best they can with what they have.
Jennie E. Dailey Alex Brown Grandma was a beautiful lady!
Katelyn Petersen Alex Brown Katelyn is a beautiful lady!
Theresa Juta Sylivia Juta The best mother ever
Jean Terpstra Sara Buchholz her gift of grace says it all
Lisa Redwine Ryan Redwine Happy Mother’s Day!!!
Chris Mason Anne A wonderful mother full of love, compassion, caring, patience and kindness… A mentor to me and many others. It’s a joy to honor you this way.
Mary Dailey Brown Beth Leeson
Mom Beth Leeson
Joan R. Becker Joann Hernandez
Mary R. Fletcher Anonymous loyal, caring, loving mother with unconditional love for her children who are blessed to have her
Lynda VanScoik Jeremy & Betsy Verwys Happy Mother’s Day!  We love you -JBHL
Gail Verwys Jeremy & Betsy Verwys Happy Mother’s Day!  We love you -JBHL
Annie Kendra Sophia, Danny, & John She reflects God’s love to everyone she meets!
Linnetta Bilitzke Bonnie Conley My Mom- Defender of the weak!
Evelyn Wheatcroft Kerry Happy Mother’s Day!!
Charmaine Kyle Your kids We love you, Mom!
Karen Gilmore
Ellen Clark
Marie &
Rob Clark
For their amazing love and ability to care for others.
Carol Washburn Chris, Stacey,
Sophie & Cole
In honor of a mother who continues to be transformed in His image no matter her age or circumstances.  With much love!
Ann Bernard Roy Bernard Because of her love and caring of the needy
Rosalee Baguss
Sue Arszulowicz Melissa Miller For the unconditional love you have always given to your family
Olga Berg Beverly Imhoff In honor of my wonderful grandmother