The budget has been tight this past year in trying to get back into the swing after a year of self-employment.  Delving into a designer bag / food business out of my home, I hoped the correlation of hard work with my gleeful hobby would translate into mountains of cash.  After all, Coach had to start somewhere, or at least Relic.   Alas, my efforts brought only an anthill of cash… on a good month.  In that end, I offered my bags as lovely Christmas gifts before returning to my first love, the World of Criminal Justice.  

Imagine my excitement when I found a $20 bill on the street on my way to meet with the judge and detectives for work.  The ever-so-slight rainfall plastered it to the road, so I didn’t even have to grapple at it while chasing the wind swept bill down the street.  It was just lying there, waiting for me to whisk it up.   

My decision was immediate.  I was going to buy Something Ridiculous with it.  Ridiculous spending was at a minimum this past year, so this was MY time to shine.  Twenty packs of Juicy Fruit gum?  Maybe.  A HARD cover book?  Perhaps.  The world was my oyster, or at least $20 of it.  I quickly called my husband Kelly to tell him the great news.  

“No kidding,” he responded.  “Twenty dollars?”

“Yes,” I said gleefully. “I’m thinking about buying…”

“Hey, how about we add $5 to that and give it to a family I know at work who could really use it,” said my buzz-kill husband.  “That would be a great cause.”

You know the sound you hear when a gigantic, noisy engine is powered down?  That’s what I heard inside my head.  Geez, leave it to him to, well, do the right thing.  It’s what I love and, well, don’t love about him.

“B-but,” I countered. “I wanted to buy something, well, r-ridiculous.”

In the end, I bought my Something Ridiculous and renewed our SowHope contributions.  To feed the urge to splurge is fun for today, but to know that our money is helping women across the world to help themselves is lifelong.  Both felt great.

Source: Sow Hope