Dear Donor,

The financial support YOU give SowHope has impact.

Because of your generosity, nearly 200 women in South Sudan had their eyesight restored, while another 259 women received medication to prevent blindness at a Cataract Camp SowHope funded last March.

That’s the good news!

The reality, though, is almost 900 people came to the Camp—hoping and praying for the opportunity to regain their sight. Many traveled long distances and waited for hours—only to be turned away because there were not enough supplies to care for everyone.

Can you imagine their disappointment?

South Sudan has one of the highest numbers of cataracts per capita and is one of two countries with the greatest prevalence of active trachoma, an infec-tious disease that leads to the breakdown of the cornea. Women are most at risk of losing their eyesight because they must spend so much time working out-side in bright sunshine and cooking over smoky fires daily.

We know you care; which is why I am asking for your help to continue this important project.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 before November 15, by taking advantage of a $25,000 matching gift from a generous donor that will double every dollar you contribute. With your help, 500 women who have lost their independence and usefulness to blindness will have their sight restored.

Imagine gradually losing your sight until eventually you were blind and could no longer care for your family or contribute to the community.

Imagine having to be led around with a stick by a young family member. Not only does this take away your independence—it also takes away the child’s.

The programs funded by you, through SowHope and its partners, are effective.

When doubled by the match, a donation of $50 will restore one woman’s sight; a donation of $150 will restore sight to three women. IMAGINE the ripple effect when you give a $500 gift. You will transform families and communities!

Please, help women like Yar, who declared:

“When I see, I will start farming again, so that I can feed my grandchildren.”

Please make a life-changing donation today and restore sight to more South Sudanese women. Donating during this matching-gift drive is an easy way to double the impact of your contribution.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 before November 15. Donate on this page or go to


Mary Dailey Brown

Mary Dailey Brown

President & CEO


P.S. Please consider making as generous a gift as you can.  Remember that your donation will be doubled! 

P.P.S. SowHope’s intent is to empower, not enable the populations we work with. In order to discourage dependence on foreign aid and instead instill dignity, self-sufficiency, and confidence, the Cataract Camps implement a cost-sharing program. Everyone who receives the $100 surgery is asked to pay $12—which they are more than willing to do.