Written by Meagan Roland, SowHope Intern.

Based on field visit reports from Mary Dailey Brown.

Mother and daughter in the DRC.
Veronique (right) standing with her daughter, Believer (left). Photo by Mary Dailey Brown, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2015.

Veronique, a widow from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), is a survivor of emotional and physical abuse perpetrated against her by armed rebels during regional conflicts. Unfortunately, many women living in the DRC have experienced great violence and hardship due to the political and economic state of their country. Veronique, standing with her daughter, Believer, belongs to a group of women who are part of an economic project funded by SowHope to help women attain financial security. Veronique invested in a successful fish resale business. The women also receive counseling to help overcome the psychological effects of armed violence. With the help of this project, Veronique has emerged from incredibly difficult circumstances with resilience as a provider for her seven children.

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