From Gravel to Gratitude

Women around the world have the worst jobs. In Sierra Leone, women work 8 hours a day and make ten cents an hour breaking stones into gravel. Most women are widows with children and the wages they earn barely give them and their children enough to survive day to day. Stone breaking is a dangerous […]

Board Member, Fridah Kanini

“My soul was touched,” answered Fridah Kanini, Board Member of SowHope, when asked what attracted her to the organization. In 2015, when she attended the Annual Gala at Frederik Meijer Gardens, she was mourning the loss of her mother, who had died nearly three years prior. “My mother was my best friend. When I watched […]

Hope Versus Violence in DRC

Few places have endured violence and unrest for as long as the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Nine pregnant women and a nurse were brutally murdered at a SowHope-funded birthing clinic last year. Because of this ongoing conflict, it was with some relief that SowHope recently received communication from Ngadjoy, a longtime SowHope partner. […]

New Opportunities in Asia

Always on the alert to find countries where women could benefit from SowHope-funded projects, President Mary Dailey Brown and Board Member Kathleen Muedder traveled to Myanmar and Nepal last December with Kate, the Executive Director of Harvest Bridge, an international nonprofit that has done work in South Asia for years. This exploratory trip gave Mary and […]

Reunion in Sierra Leone

Reunited and it felt so good! Dr. Sylivia Juta, who served on the SowHope Board and Program Team from 2012-2017, hosted a SowHope team that traveled to Sierra Leone in June. Her husband Papa, originally from Sierra Leone, wanted to move back to help rebuild his country. They are both university professors who desire to boost […]