Two Tragedies & A Treasure

In early June, Mary Dailey Brown, CEO of SowHope, and Dr. Sylivia Juta visited three partners from different areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Reports of tragedy from the first two partners were shocking. SowHope’s first project in the DRC was a birthing center that has served  thousands of women. It has […]

Finding Support Through Tragedy

A SowHope team recently visited rural India to evaluate a tailoring training project impacting 160 women. The team was treated to an opportunity to watch the graduation ceremony for 40 women along with hearing stories of how the project impacted their lives. Renuka took part in the class because she wanted to work from home […]

Kimberly Gill, Board Member, Advocate, & Artist

The first time she was introduced to SowHope, Kimberly Gill, a member of the SowHope Board of Directors since 2017, was inspired. “The beauty and emotion captures in Mary’s photography and the stories she shared of these women’s lives…”, Kim says, “I knew it was an organization I wanted to get involved in.” Kim approached […]

Overcoming Domestic Abuse

During a visit to one of SowHope’s funded partners in South Asia who runs a Transitional Care Center (TCC) for trafficked and abused girls, women, and their children, one mother tearfully described what her life had been like. Elham was regularly beaten and sexually abused by her husband. She said that she could withstand the […]

New Life With Fistula Repair

Impoverished women suffer from many things that we have never imagined. One of them is obstetric fistula. A fistula occurs most often in young women during a long delivery with no medical intervention. The baby is frequently stillborn and the mother left with chronic incontinence. In developing countries, over 40% of women give birth without […]

Tragedy in DR Congo

Early this year, NASA noticed from satellite imagery that something seemed awry in the northeast Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The imagery revealed systematic burning of whole villages. SowHope supports projects to empower women in seven of the villages in the targeted district. The President of SowHope Mary Dailey Brown, determined to see if the […]