Women in microfinance training.

Boko Haram, a terrorist organization in northeastern Nigeria, continues to terrorize in many areas where our Nigerian partner, Sarah, oversees more than 25 SowHope projects empowering women. Recently, Sarah’s cousin and his friend were killed during a brutal attack in her parents’ hometown. During the attack, people from the town ran for their lives, including 15 of them who have sought refuge at Sarah’s house some 20 miles away. This dire situation in Nigeria is only exacerbated by a COVID surge and many people are also dying of hunger.

Even after Sarah and her entire family contracted COVID and recovered, they continue to bravely encourage women’s groups in 6 states of Nigeria to carry on with their farming, vocational training, animal husbandry, women’s healthcare, and microloan projects. These projects are lifelines against the terrorists, especially now during this COVID surge.

Your donations to SowHope help make it possible for Sarah to continue doing her vital work. In one of her latest reports she writes, “You have given us voices where we were completely mute, helpless, illiterate, poor, hungry, depressed, and starving. Many of us have risen and are helping many women around us to also rise. Thank you!!!”