Mita Fitzjohn

Mita Fitzjohn, a member of the SowHope Fund Development and Marketing Team, understands the plight of women and girls in extreme poverty. “I was born in India,” Mita explains, “and moved to the US with my parents when I was two years old. I am fortunate to have come from an educated, middleclass family, yet I have seen the impact that extreme poverty has on vulnerable populations, in countries like India.” Mita was invited to attend a SowHope Gala and left inspired by SowHope’s mission and the leadership of Mary Dailey Brown, President of SowHope. “As I heard about the women that SowHope serves, I knew that this was an organization I had to learn more about and support its efforts.”

Mita has been volunteering at SowHope since May 2019 and continues to do so because of her position. “I have skills, empathy, and privilege. The least I can do is volunteer for SowHope.” Though she believes that all three areas of SowHope’s programs – wellness, education, and economic opportunities – are imperative to drive change, education is the mission that resonates with her most. “There is a direct correlation between education and a girl’s ability to rise out of poverty,” she elucidates. “In underdeveloped countries, when girls can attend school and continue on, even just into their teens, there is a direct, positive impact…it not only empowers and benefits the girl, but it also benefits future generations, the community, the country, and the world.”

Married for 19 years to her wonderful husband, and a mother of two amazing teenagers, Mita works for herself as a Leadership Coach. “I work with leaders to grow and develop into the best leaders they can be.” She is driven by the goal to see others, and herself, achieve their potential. “I admire people who are brave enough to be authentically and unapologetically themselves,” she says. “I have raised my children to be true to themselves and am working on it myself, every day.” She also loves to cook, read, travel, and love on her adorable labradoodle, Wolfgang. “I like to call him by ridiculous names like Chicken Chunk, MoozGooz, Piggy, Flim Flam, etc., and he responds to all of them!”

If there was one message Mita would give to any young woman around the world, it would be this: “Make education a priority, as much as you can. Even though it may be completely out of your control, know that if you demand education for yourself, you are more likely to get it…You are just as deserving as any boy, or anyone else, of a bright future. The world needs you and your unique gifts and talents. You are powerful.”

A powerful statement from an incredible volunteer. Thank you, Mita, for sharing your time and talents for SowHope!