Once again, artist Kimberly Grace Gill has skillfully painted the beautiful women of SowHope.  This time you can see her art on display until Oct 7 at the Women’s City Club at 254 Fulton Street in Grand Rapids. The large oil painting is part of a 1517 piece competition for the largest art prize in the world. For more info check out Anyone who will be in the Grand Rapids area before Sept 29 can register at registration tables around the city and vote in Round 1. Round 2 voting is after that and the $200,000 winner will be announced on Oct 5. We hope it is “Sowing Hope”!!!

Artist Kimberly Grace Gill

The painting, which is Kim’s interpretation of photos I took last year while visiting projects we support, evokes strong emotion as it depicts the burden of African women.  Mary Joy Van Norman, 85, of Pittsburg, PA was immediately reduced to tears when she first looked at the painting.  It might be that she was so moved because she recognized two of the women in the painting as recipients of a microloan project she organized in Uganda a few years ago.  Since then, SowHope has collaborated with her on the project.  Mary Joy, and her husband Arden have been to Uganda several times.  They were here to brief a SowHope team that will be traveling to Africa in November and happened to arrive the same day ArtPrize started.

Mary Joy
Mary Joy Van Norman with her two Ugandan friends

Source: Sow Hope