On Thursday, September 29th, 2016, SowHope hosted the annual “We Sow Hope” dinner, enjoying the company of community supporters while sharing in the successes of local women leaders in 16 countries throughout the world.


Mary Dailey Brown, SowHope’s President and CEO, painted pictures of intimate and inspiring stories, including peace building in South Sudan, cultural shifts in Kenya, and village development in Uganda. Through the dinner, SowHope was able to come closer to its fundraising goal of $75,000, raising $66,235 through donations, sponsorships, and ticket sales. Weeks later, we continue to receive generous donations, helping to make this the largest fundraising campaign to date. Of the 335 guests, 161 were new faces, giving generously because of a strong belief in helping impoverished women around the world. SowHope would like to extend a huge thank you to our loyal supporters, including 79 new donors and 14 monthly pledges!


If you missed this year’s dinner and would like to make a contribution, visit, or send a check to SowHope at PO Box 234, Rockford MI 49341 & let us know it’s for the dinner. Even if you aren’t able to make a donation at this time, we are sincerely happy to accept any other support you can provide!

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If you are interested in being a corporate or table sponsor for next year’s dinner, please email

Check out the video from the “We Sow Hope” dinner below, as well as last year’s dinner, “Harvest of Hope.”