Welcome to our new blog at!  We will be using this space as a way to help keep you informed about our work with impoverished women around the world. I am Mary Dailey Brown the president and CEO of SowHope. 

In January of 2006, my husband Doug and I, along with the help of many friends, founded this international, charitable, non-profit organization with the goal of impacting deserving women in the developing world. 

We decided to start this organization after I had spent about five years traveling in the third world witnessing the plight of women who make less than $2/day.  I wanted to spend the rest of my life’s energy on this demographic group, which numbers 1.5 billion women. 

After searching for 3 months for a large scale multinational group dedicated to basic life-saving holistic care of women I could not find even one.  There are hundreds of these types of organizations for children.  It was at that point that we launched SowHope. 

Please join us in this important work of empowering women through wellness, education and economic opportunities. And I hope you enjoy the blog!

Source: Sow Hope