The Power Ball jackpot was over $300,000,000.  I decided that the millions upon millions could come in handy, so I bought a ticket. 

When I purchase a Lotto ticket, which isn’t often, the ticket-to-my-own-personal-fortune clanks around in my wallet for weeks.  Because the drawing has long passed and the numbers are no longer posted, the clerk must verify the ticket. 

I approach customer service and hand my tiny goldmine to the clerk to scan the numbers.  I admit to holding my breath ever so slightly while telling myself it probably won’t be a winner… probably. 

“Sorry, it’s not a winner.” the clerk says efficiently, robbing me of my aspirations of becoming a ga-zillionaire through a $2 investment.  “Do you want me to throw away the ticket?”

Hmmm.  Since you asked, I have to think about that now.  Do I want YOU to keep what moments ago was a ticket-to-my-own-personal-fortune?

Sure, most people are honest, but I work in Criminal Justice where there are always two scenarios. 

A) You are an honest clerk who will dispose of my losing ticket in a recycling bin. 

B) You are a thief in a clerk’s costume who will take my ticket-to-my-own-personal-fortune and whisk away to Switzerland or wherever rich thieves who steal Lotto tickets go. 

Temptation abounds when there is much power to be wielded.  

Who do you trust?  I trust those who inspire me.  I trust the Board at SowHope where the aspiration is to stand beside women and their children around the world.

Source: Sow Hope