Part 3 – Ideas on Mothering – Cont.

So why do we treat third-world mothers as though they are any different than us?  Do they love their children less than we do?  Are they less motivated to see their children’s lives flourish?  Are they less capable of self-sacrifice, affection, empathy, or compassion than we are?  We apparently take our parenting very seriously here […]

Part 2 – Ideas on Mothering – Cont.

So if your mothering is not based on Western Society, consider the options for alleviating Third World poverty that are presented to most of us here in the privileged West:  we are shown pictures of darling babies, innocent toddlers, toothless grins of elementary-aged school children, and asked to support them monetarily.  There is no question […]

Ideas on Mothering

As Mother’s Day approaches, we ask, “Do you love your children because you have a college degree?  Or because you live in a rich country?  Do you do what is best for them because you have electricity and running water?  Do you get up with them in the middle of the night when they need […]

Give Them a Voice

The conversation flowed, the company familiar.  We bantered back and forth as amicable associates do, first on the news of today, then on our mutual peers.  The air of change began almost imperceptibly, just as the car traveling beside you be…