Volunteers, Sarah Massirio & Wesley Krug

“It was an easy choice” to begin volunteering for SowHope, said Sarah Massirio & Wesley Krug, regular SowHope volunteers since 2018. “Aaron Hoxworth (SowHope’s Administrative Director) was discussing SowHope with mutual friends back in 2018, and Sarah was interested in helping in any way possible”, the personal connection helping spark the volunteerism. Three years later, […]

Devadasi – A Tradition of Slavery

Despite several court orders to abolish it, there are still a few states in India which continue to practice the Devadasi tradition, which dates back to the 6th century. Devadasi is translated as the feminine form of “slave of god”. Within the tradition, young girls are dedicated and married to the temple deity, Yellamma, before […]

Terrorism Hits Close to Home in Nigeria

Boko Haram, a terrorist organization in northeastern Nigeria, continues to terrorize in many areas where our Nigerian partner, Sarah, oversees more than 25 SowHope projects empowering women. Recently, Sarah’s cousin and his friend were killed during a brutal attack in her parents’ hometown. During the attack, people from the town ran for their lives, including […]