Judy Kruger was initially drawn to SowHope after attending an art exhibition that displayed the many faces of women whose lives had been changed by its projects. She continues to support SowHope’s mission of economic empowerment, the establishment of health clinics, and provision of literacy programs. These missions align with Judy’s own passion for meeting the needs of women in countries where no such assistance exists.

As a board member, Judy fulfills her primary responsibility by spreading the message and goals of SowHope. In an effort to grow supporters and revenues, she aims to foster the greatest impact for impoverished women. Her international experience with foreign direct investment and passion for the mission gives Judy a unique perspective. She loves reviewing projects and hearing the stories of women who have been inspired by SowHope.

Judy loves reviewing the projects and hearing the stories of women who have been positively impacted through SowHope’s projects. She looks for long term success at SowHope and knows, from her perspective as a board member, that the organization is right on track.