SowHope Documentary Coming Soon!

The SowHope team has been hard at work capturing footage of incredible projects that we wish to share with you and a broader audience soon. We are excited to announce the release of our second documentary, which will feature some of the most impactful stories of hope from around the developing world! The documentary aims […]

Hope for Peace in South Sudan

In 2015, SowHope made its first visit to South Sudan. Mary Dailey Brown and Dr. Pam Ogor traveled there to meet with Mary G, SowHope’s partner, who organized meetings with local women. Devastated by war and famine, most women are at a huge disadvantage. They live in constant fear for their safety.

Global Teacher of the Year!

One million dollars! That is how much our partner from Pakistan recently won in the Varkey Foundation annual Global Teacher competition, an award ceremony held in Paris. There were over 7,000 applicants from 130 countries, and our own dear partner Sister Zeph was chosen for this prestigious award, paid out over 10 years. At age […]

Living the Dream

In 2021, SowHope helped Dr. Itengré achieve his dream of building an obstetric fistula repair clinic. The clinic officially opened in June 2022, and it remains the only center for obstetric fistula repair in Burkina Faso in West Africa. This past November, a SowHope team had the privilege of visiting the clinic, meeting with several […]

SowHope Hires Program Director, Dr. Sylivia TsiTsi Juta

Dr. Sylivia Tsitsi Juta’s involvement with SowHope started all the way back in 2007, just over a year after the organization was founded. Working as a high school teacher in Zimbabwe, Sylivia had come to the U.S. to further her education, obtaining a master’s degree in Public Administration at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) and […]

Requisite Response to Economic Disaster in Rural Bangladesh

Over the past 20 years, our partner in Bangladesh, Nelson, conducted successful SowHope-funded projects which have helped more than 10,000 women become microfinance entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, due to the long-lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the overall inflation rate in Bangladesh jumped to 7.56% since July of 2022 while food inflation rose to 9.74% over the […]

From Gravel to Gratitude

Women around the world have the worst jobs. In Sierra Leone, women work 8 hours a day and make ten cents an hour breaking stones into gravel. Most women are widows with children and the wages they earn barely give them and their children enough to survive day to day. Stone breaking is a dangerous […]

Two Tragedies & A Treasure

In early June, Mary Dailey Brown, CEO of SowHope, and Dr. Sylivia Juta visited three partners from different areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Reports of tragedy from the first two partners were shocking. SowHope’s first project in the DRC was a birthing center that has served  thousands of women. It has […]

New Partners in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has been under serious economic hardships and hyperinflation for over a decade, reaching 80 million percent month-to-month at the height of it in 2008. This has led to the collapse of many industries and rendered the Zimbabwe currency useless. The country is now recovering from this economic catastrophe and is ripe for investments. Recently […]

Supermarket Success

Our partner Rhoda in South Sudan dreamt for years to open a local supermarket to supply needed items purchased at wholesale prices from the 200 local women farmers in the women’s cooperative she began a few years ago. Last summer, SowHope funded the supermarket, providing easy access to essential items for 5,000 people who live […]