Diane Joppie – New Chairperson

“It is hard for us to imagine women living under the conditions they do in Third World countries,” said Diane Joppie. Inspired by Mary Dailey Brown after hearing her tell stories of impoverished women around the world, Diane wanted to know what she could do to make a difference. “We are so blessed to live […]

Learning to Sew & Making Friends

Recently, a small team visited SowHope projects in Jordan.  Former board members Dr. Pam Ogor and Beth Leeson accompanied SowHope president Mary Dailey Brown to this Middle East country. Jordan has a population of 10.2 million people of which nearly 3 million are refugees from their war-torn neighbors: Palestine, Syria, and Iraq.  The refugees are […]

Rita – Then & Now

Last October, Mary Dailey Brown, President of SowHope, visited several projects in Nigeria.  Our partner there is conducting projects in three states of Nigeria, and Boko Haram, the notorious terrorist group, is active in all three. This group was responsible for the well-known kidnapping of 276 school girls.  Boko Haram has caused the torture and killing of tens of thousands of […]