From Stonecutter to Seamstress

All Aruna, from India, had ever known was stonecutting. As her family’s traditional work, it was the only skill she had for earning money, until she signed up for the SowHope-funded tailoring project in her village. At 29, Aruna is a wife and the mother of three children. She would accompany her husband whenever there […]

Essential Worker in Kenya

SowHope partner Josephine, in Kenya, is an incredibly compassionate person. We first met her through a mutual friend who told us she was helping AIDS widows and orphans. At the time, she worked for the government and had recently heard of two children dying. She drove to the area where the children passed and began […]

Volunteer, Mita Fitzjohn

Mita Fitzjohn, a member of the SowHope Fund Development and Marketing Team, understands the plight of women and girls in extreme poverty. “I was born in India,” Mita explains, “and moved to the US with my parents when I was two years old. I am fortunate to have come from an educated, middleclass family, yet […]