Reliable Local Leaders – Fall 2016 Newsletter

The Pakistan Vocational Center was started over a year ago with 80 women enrolled in tailoring classes. For those who already had some knowledge of tailoring, a 3-month course was developed, while those who knew very little were enrolled in a 6-month course. Some of the graduates are already tailoring in their own homes, while others are taking orders from boutiques and creating dresses on demand.

Recently the Pakistani government shut down all non-profit organizations in the country due to concerns about terrorism being funded through non-profits. SowHope’s Pakistani partner had money left over, and amazingly, they sent it back to SowHope! This is how greatly they understand and value the needs of impoverished women, wherever they may be. It reinforces our confidence in the integrity of SowHope’s local leaders.

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SowHope’s annual fundraising dinner is coming up on Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016.

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A donation to SowHope has an exponential impact because supporting women leads to better conditions for their children, neighbors, and communities.

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