Ten Year Celebration – Fall 2016 Newsletter

Beth addresses party.

Board Chairperson Lizbeth Leeson greets guests at SowHope’s Ten Year Celebration in the SowHope headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI.
Photo by Annie Kendra.

SowHope celebrated our 10th anniversary at an Open House at our office on May 15th, 2016. When SowHope turned 10 this January, it also marked the 10-year anniversary for our dedicated volunteers. SowHope’s model has always meant a dependence on the good will of helpers. An average of 93% of SowHope’s revenues have gone directly to programs that inspire impoverished women, made possible through the generosity of our volunteers’ consistent service. As we reflect over the past decade of work, we acknowledge those who have reliably given their time, energy, and talent to SowHope since the very beginning. A heartfelt thank you to:

  • Doug Brown: Co-Founder & IT Director
  • Bonnie Conley*: Travel Updates Writer
  • David Crawford*: Bookkeeper
  • Debra Kaiserlian-Reyburn: Events Decorator
  • Annie Kendra: Marketing Team & Photographer
  • Doreen Mangrum*: Program Team Leader
  • Dr. Pam Ogor*: Field Project Evaluator
  • Ginger Sisson: Marketing Team & Newsletter
  • Jessica Swanberg: HR Team Leader
  • Lori Vezina: Graphic Designer

Honorable mentions:

  • Tony & Amy Himmelspach: Volunteer Supervisors
  • Marcia Vela: Special Event Hostess
  • Alan Salmon: Special Event Master of Ceremonies

*Indicates members of the founding Board of Directors

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Mary and Ginger

Mary presents a service award to Ginger Sisson for 10 years of volunteering with SowHope.
Photo by Annie Kendra.

Mary and Bonnie

Mary presents a service award to Bonnie Conley for 10 years of volunteering with SowHope.
Photo by Annie Kendra.

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