SowHope relies on the generosity and dedication of donors and volunteers to accomplish its mission. Recently, we had a conversation with one of of them.


In 2006, Mary Brown shared her vision of helping women in poor countries to have access to wellness, education and economic opportunities with a group of friends. It didn’t take long for Ginger Sisson to be on board. “I believe in the mission. It is so logical and gets so much done for so little money,” she said.

Sisson serves on the marketing team as a lead and editor-in-chief of the SowHope newsletters. She helps to tell the stories about those whose lives are changed by the organization’s mission. In the last 11 years, SowHope has helped more than 62 thousand women in 16 countries for under $30 per woman. For women who received microloans and expanded their businesses, success means better lives for their children – better nutrition and education. Furthermore, they encourage and teach other women in the community to do the same.

Ginger says, “I am amazed at how much the organization has impacted those women with such limited resources. As a donor, my dollar goes a long way. This is one of the reasons I donate and volunteer.”

Sisson is a retired educator and librarian. She enjoys gardening and loves to listen to jazz. She and her husband, Jerry, are blessed with three children, seven grandchildren and a great-grandson.